Color Optimism

Let's talk about color . Color is a ubiquitous language that any and everyone can relate to. It's a eminent conversational piece when at a lost for words. It can also be an enticement depending on which color you choose. Color can speak volumes about your personality without saying a word. Who are you? Introvert or extrovert, I like to say, "You are who you are''. However, there is one color that will keep you mysterious. It moves through and around everything at it's on pace and speed. It passes as elegance and class, silently acting gritty and toned down. But...for the relevant day to day activity, it's looked at as subtle and neutral. It's my favorite color. It can be paired with anything and any other color. I recently posted a quote by "Wednesday Addams". " I'll stop wearing black when they invent a darker color.

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