Frequently Asked Questions

Consignment FAQ's

What is Consignment?

Consignment is the process by which we sell your unwanted clothes at our location, while you maintain ownwership of the goods. "Consignment" simply means "we sell it on your behalf". Consignment clothing doesn't mean it is heavily used and doesn't mean it's old. Many of the items at Karla's Klozet are nearly new and can still be found in retail stores. Karla's Klozet only accepts the best quality clothing items with styles that appeal to a large number of customers. We do not accept junk!

Why should I consider Consignment?

Are you downsizing, relocating or redecorating? Do you have wonderful things in your closet that you no longer wear or that fit your current style? Karla's Klozet is the perfect place to showcase your items for others to purchase and enjoy. We still stage, advertise and market your items on our exiciting website and social media pages in order to give maximum visibility to a large number of buyers and ensure a quick and profitable sale of your goods. Consignment with Karla's Klozet is Simple, Safe, Smart and Sensible!

How does Consignment work?

Everything in the store is consignment which means we sell it and you, as the Cosignor, receive 50% once it sells.

How often do I collect a check?

Our payout days are the first Friday of every month. We will mail your check to you or you can request direct deposit. For direct deposit, please email us at slay@shopkarlasklozet to request this way of recieiving your money.

How do I find out if something has sold that I brought in?

You, as the Consignor, are responsible for emailing us to check on your account balance. Always email, per contract, 2 - 5 days before payout for most current amount. To inquire, please email:

What do we accept?

We accept women & men clothing and accessories. We are very particular about what we accept.

What do you NOT accept?

No lingerie No plain tees No plain tank tops No household items Anything that you wouldn't want your children and work people to know about 😃

Do you only sell authentic items?

We want to keep our options open, therefore we do not just accept Luxary brands. However, they have to be a brand that will sell to a large group of people.

Do you take fur?

Only if the fur is in great condition. No tears. We accept fur starting the beginning of November and only take in through January.

Do I get items back if they don't sell?

You are able to get your clothes and accessories back. You will have up to 7 days to pick them up once they have surpassed their 90 day sale window. After that, they will be donated.

Do you have sales?

Yes, please add yourself to our email list for updates and/or follow us on IG and FB.